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    Your people know good produce. So do we. And we take pride in delivering that quality to you -- every time.

 Get out your apron and toque blanche.

    Try these great recipes using some of the fruits and vegetables we offer -- they're delicious!

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    You can count on Farm Fresh Produce to provide produce that meets the most stringent criteria.
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Farm Fresh Produce -- bringing the freshest produce to your markets.

A lot of folks ask us -- how do we do it?

 How do we consistently deliver quality product, arrange for timely transport,
and keep our customers so happy?

 The answer is common sense, really -- it's about dedication. When you contract with Farm Fresh Produce, you know you can count on us to communicate with you, solving any problems that may arise, and working day and night to ensure that when quality produce leaves our doorstep, it arrives in your hands in the same way.

 And why do we do it? Because we love fresh produce as much as you do --
we appreciate the beauty of plant life, the delicacies it provides, and the labor that goes into the harvest of top-quality fruits and vegetables. When we go to the grocery store, beautiful produce makes us smile.

 Our network of farmers, distributors and transport contractors work with us
to ensure that our produce arrives the way it left -- looking like ingredients a fine chef would choose to put in his or her next dish.

Heard enough?

It's easy for you to get started with Farm Fresh Produce --
Call us toll free at 1-800-606-YAMS(9267), or drop us an email.

    Farm Fresh Produce takes pride in following the standards of GLOBALG.A.P., a "key reference" in the worldwide push towards best practices in the produce industry (the G.A.P. stands for "Good Agricultural Practices"). The organization works tirelessly to translate consumer requirements in a growing list of countries -- GLOBALG.A.P. says the list already includes more than 100 countries on every continent.

   Featured Growing Partner:

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 Why choose Farm Fresh Produce?

Relationships. For the long term.
    The team at Farm Fresh Produce has one goal -- keeping our customers happy.     We want you to be with us for a long time -- hopefully, as long as you're in business.
    Farm Fresh Produce knows how to deliver the timely, 24-7 service your operation needs.

Great growers produce great fruits & vegetables

    Our relationship with two of the finest farming outfits in the United States allows us to always provide quality product.
    Alexander Farms and Topashaw Farms were carefully selected by Farm Fresh Produce to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.

An international company.
Farm Fresh Produce is based in beautiful Eastern North Carolina -- one of the finest growing areas in the continental United States -- but we have worldwide sensibilities.

Our customers span the globe, and we can ship by land, sea or air to make sure your produce arrives as fresh, crisp and tasty as possible.